How to check love marriage in kundli and palmistry

How to check love marriage in kundli and palmistry


Marriage is that relationship which is so beautiful and even every person wants to continue in that relation. But before they involve in it. They usually think whether their marriage would be love or arrange. And this question can probably come in the mind of those such persons who already involved in the relationship and wants to convert their love into marriage. Then in that case they can check love marriage in kundli and palmistry.

What are the signs of love marriage in the female hand?

As the left hand can be analysed to check the love marriage lune in the hand of a female. Just below the little finger, there is the amount of the mercury. That shows the love marriage in the hand of the female. And there are mainly three lines present. That indicates that get of your marriage.

  • If there is a line at the starting then it indicates that you have love marriage at the age of 40 years.
  • If the line is just below of it. Then your marriage age would be of 30 years.
  • And if it is at the last then it indicates that your marriage age will be at the age of 20 years.

How to check the love marriage line in the hand of a boy?

If we talk about the boys. Then the hand in which we check their love marriage is right hand. In this, we can check the love marriage completely as same in the hand of the females. As there is a little finger, That we also called it as the pinky finger. A below if this finger. There are three lines. That represents the love marriage in your kundli.

  • The above line indicates that your marriage age is in between 33 to 38 years.
  • The line that is below it is 25-27 years.
  • And the last line shows the age in between 18-22 years.

What are the signs if love marriage in astrology?

The sign of marriage in astrology you can also check you are Manglik or not with the help of kundali. As you can also check your love marriage signs in your kundli by taking the help of the astrologer. You can b able to get analysed your kundli and check whether you have a love marriage or arrange marriage in your kundli.

Venus is the planet that is responsible for the formation of love relationships and also the delay in marriage problem. And when this venus can get strongly influenced by the benefic planets. And placed in the 7th house. Then it is so definite that you have love marriage in your kundli.

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