How to do love marriage in Arya Samaj

How to do love marriage in Arya Samaj
  • Aug 07, 2020 04:19

How to do love marriage in Arya Samaj


Marriages in Arya Samaj are very easy to execute and the rituals are straight. Couples from exclusive religions who fall beneath the wide umbrella of Hindus in India can perform Arya Samaj. This is a preference and wiling choice for couples the place one character belongs to Buddhism, Jainism, or Sikh religion. The ceremony performs adhering to the Vedic rituals in an Arya Samaj temple. According to the Vedic principles, the hymns spelled in the course of the ceremony are explained to the bride and groom. Arya Samaj marriage is simply like Hindu marriage, where the marriage takes region around the fire. Also, it is legally recognized. In fact, there is the Arya Samaj Marriage Validation Act of 1937 supplied underneath the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

What are the two types of marriage registration?

The couple can register their marriage below part eight of the Act. They have to visit the district marriage registration office, the place the marriage took place.

However, couples might have the same beliefs or sometimes, one-of-a-kind ones too.

  • An Arya Samaj marriage can be registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, in case both couples have the same principles.
  • If the beliefs differ, then the couple can register underneath the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

How our love marriage specialist can help for love marriage in Arya Samaj in Hindi?

क्या आप आर्य समाज परिवार से ह और आप प्यार वाली शाद्दी करना चाहते हो तो आपको घबराने की कोई ज़र्रोरत नहीं क्यूंकि हमारे पंडित जी के पास कुछ ऐसे उपाय है जिसकी मदद से आप आसानी से अपनी साडी मुसीबतों का हल कर सकते है परन्तु आपको हमरे पंडित जी की बात ध्यान से सुन्नी होगी इनके कई माध्यमों से आप आसानी से उस व्यक्ति या उस चीज़ को वश में कर सकते हो जो आपके रस्ते में बढ़ाये या मुसीबतें दाल रहा है तो अगर आप आर्य समाज में शादी करने केउपाय जानना चाहते है तो हमरे दिए गए नंबर पर संपर्क करे

What is the eligibility for love marriage in Arya Samaj?

  • The groom’s minimal age has to be 21 whereas the bride ought to have 18.
  • Any man or woman who is a Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh can perform Arya Samaj Marriage.
  • Any individual who is not a Muslim, Christian, Parsis or Jews can also operate this type of wedding ceremony style.
  • Inter-Caste Marriages and Inter-Religious Marriages are eligible in an Arya Samaj Marriage. But none of the marrying folks ought to be a Muslim, Christian, Parsis or Jews.
  • If a non-Hindu couple would like to perform the marriage, the Samaj permits them to convert through a manner called Shuddhi. Muslims, Christians, Parsis or Jews, if, out of their free will and consent are geared up to convert and include Hindu Religion, the Arya Samaj Mandir perform a ritual known as Shuddhi. Shuddhi means purification for such conversion, and thereafter, such a convert can operate Arya Samaj Marriage.


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Aug 07, 2020 04:19

How to do love marriage in Arya Samaj
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